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objtool: fix STACK_FRAME_NON_STANDARD macro checking for function symbols

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Josh Poimboeuf June 15, 2016, 8:45 p.m. UTC
Mathieu Desnoyers reported that the STACK_FRAME_NON_STANDARD macro
wasn't working with the lttng_filter_interpret_bytecode() function in
the lttng-modules code.

Usually the relocation created by STACK_FRAME_NON_STANDARD creates a
reference to a section symbol like this:

  Offset              Type            Value               Addend Name
  000000000000000000  X86_64_64       000000000000000000   +3136 .text

But in this case it created a reference to a function symbol:

  Offset              Type            Value               Addend Name
  000000000000000000  X86_64_64       0x00000000000003a0      +0 lttng_filter_interpret_bytecode

To be honest I have no idea what causes gcc to decide to do one over the
other.  But both are valid ELF, so add support for the function symbol.

Reported-by: Mathieu Desnoyers <mathieu.desnoyers at efficios.com>
Signed-off-by: Josh Poimboeuf <jpoimboe at redhat.com>
 tools/objtool/builtin-check.c | 8 ++++++--
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/tools/objtool/builtin-check.c b/tools/objtool/builtin-check.c
index e8a1e69..25d8031 100644
--- a/tools/objtool/builtin-check.c
+++ b/tools/objtool/builtin-check.c
@@ -122,10 +122,14 @@  static bool ignore_func(struct objtool_file *file, struct symbol *func)
 	/* check for STACK_FRAME_NON_STANDARD */
 	if (file->whitelist && file->whitelist->rela)
-		list_for_each_entry(rela, &file->whitelist->rela->rela_list, list)
-			if (rela->sym->sec == func->sec &&
+		list_for_each_entry(rela, &file->whitelist->rela->rela_list, list) {
+			if (rela->sym->type == STT_SECTION &&
+			    rela->sym->sec == func->sec &&
 			    rela->addend == func->offset)
 				return true;
+			if (rela->sym->type == STT_FUNC && rela->sym == func)
+				return true;
+		}
 	/* check if it has a context switching instruction */
 	func_for_each_insn(file, func, insn)